"Hablando de música" ep.19 with Osian duo

This July we had some good chat with our friend Ayrton Valenzuela in Mexico City.

In this podcast episode you can discuss with us on chamber music, life, travel and more…

“Hablando de música” is a musical podcast that want to share awareness of a musician life.

MusicaInsieme 2021: 4th of July in Pordenone (Italy)

On the 4th of July at 11am Osian duo will play for the MusicaInsieme festival.

The concert will take place in the beautiful atmosphere of the Convent of San Francesco in the centre of Pordenone, Italy.



Music by L. Liebermann, R. Abraham, Y. Rios Dib, M. Castelnuovo – Tedesco, A. Piazzolla

Streaming of Pordenone's Concert

The concert we made on the 30th of May 2021 was streamed on the ConCentro Facebook page.

If you want to see it again you can find it here:


Music by L. Brouwer, R. Abraham, M. Castelnuovo – Tedesco, A. Piazzolla

Sunday 30th of May 2021, 6.45 pm
Public Library of Pordenone (Italy)

This concert is in the “Festival della Resilienza” held by the city of Pordenone (Italy).

On the ConCentro Facebook page you can also find the livestream of the concert.



Music by L. Brouwer, R. Abraham, M. Castelnuovo – Tedesco, A. Piazzolla.

Saturday 26th of September 2020, 5.45 pm
Centro Visite del Lago Pietrarossa, Monfalcone (Italy)

Our concert in the VI edition of “Concerti di Santa Cecilia”.

Osian duo will play the first live concert of this year. During quarantine, we’ve studied more repertoire that you can hear in this concert. Don’t miss it!


mail: vocididonnamonfalcone@gmail.com

Whatsapp:339 6158668

Music by T. Takemitsu, R. Abraham, J. Ibert, A. Piazzolla, M. Castelnuovo – Tedesco

Quarantine edition

We named “Quarantine edition” the video series on our Youtube channel that shares some videos recorded in this period. All videos are recorded at home and they are of some new repertoire that we will play in the next concerts.

We are looking forward to playing on stage, but we hope you like these videos. Comment and like the videos!

Tuesday 4th of August 2020, 6.00 pm
Youtube Channel "Conservatorio Statale di musica J. Tomadini"

#TomadiniTube is the hashtag of !Stagione dei Concerti e degli Studenti del Conservatorio J. Tomadini” in Udine. All the concerts will be placed online in the Conservatory Youtube Channel.

This year Osian duo participates at the project with a concert bringing some good music to your home.

Music by T. Takemitsu, R. Abraham